Undeceptions with John Dickson

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For thirty years Catholic killed Protestant and vice versa in beleaguered Northern Ireland. But was it really a religious war?

Show Notes

Critics of Christianity have often pointed to The Troubles in Northern Ireland as proof that, "Religion ruins everything."

But how accurate is the statement? How accurate is it to even label The Troubles a religious conflict?

John Dickson shares a chapter of his upcoming book, Bullies And Saints, on how the Troubles got started and how Christianity helped to bring them to an end.

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What is Undeceptions with John Dickson?

Every week on Undeceptions we’ll explore some aspect of life, faith, history, culture, or ethics that is either much misunderstood or mostly forgotten. With the help of people who know what they’re talking about, we’ll be trying to ‘undeceive ourselves’ and let the truth ‘out’.