Timeless Parenting

Episode 2 - Doing church well, even when it's hard. With Al James

In this episode of the Timeless Parenting podcast, hosts Harriet Connor (Growing Faith) and Anne Cunningham (Mothers Union Sydney) discuss the importance of prioritising church as a family and share practical tips for making it a positive experience, even when it's challenging. Joined by Al James (Youthworks Ministry Support), they explore the benefits of intergenerational relationships in faith retention, strategies to involve children in church activities, and how to navigate common obstacles such as Sunday sports and getting everyone ready on time. The conversation emphasises the joy and community aspects of attending church and encourages parents to cultivate a love for the church in their children.

Theme music: Soul's Getting Wet by Ali Maegraith. Produced by Ali Maegraith and Gerard Masters. Available on SoundCloud.

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