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3 Atlanta spas. 3 shootings. 8 dead, mostly Asians. As the events in Georgia come to light, many have described the shooter as belonging to a group of men who identify themselves as "involuntary celibates" or incels. We speak to Munira Mustaffa, a security practitioner, to find out more about this phenomenon and what we need to know about them.

Show Notes

Following the shootings that resulted in 8 victims in Atlanta, Georgia, we speak to Munira Mustaffa about an internet subculture known as incels, and their evolution into a real-world threat, as well a surprising connection between incel violence in the US to Malaysia. Munira is a security practitioner and research fellow at Verve Research who was one of the first people in Malaysia to highlight right-wing extremism in terms of terrorism and political violence.

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