GA Baptist Discipleship

Chris Trent is the Next Gen Catalyst on our Church Strengthening team. He served as a student pastor in churches in Texas and Georgia, most recently as student pastor at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church for 14 years. 

Jenni Carter is a Statewide Next Gen Consultant on our Church Strengthening team focusing on helping churches in Kids Ministry. She has served for over 10 years with the GBMB and is nationally recognized for her efforts in VBS training and for seeing thousands of children come to faith in Christ through VBS. 
Gen Z (born years 1997-2013) is easy to focus on the negative things society says about this generation. But on this broadcast, the team has a conversation on leveraging relational authority in the lives of this generation to see God using them in the local church. 

The team discusses:  
  • Why relational authority with Gen Z is different than ever before.
  • How can church leaders disciple a child if their parent can't (or won't) be the spiritual leader in the home?
  • What's one of the first things we can do to begin the discipleship process for kids?

What is GA Baptist Discipleship?

This podcast exists to strengthen churches by resourcing, inspiring, and creating disciple-makers! Discipleship is a life-long process by which a follower of Jesus Christ grows toward Christ-likeness and multiplies the experience. Each week we will broadcast new episodes relevant to your ministry and replicating discipleship.