Did you know that the average American consumes nearly 300 eggs per year? But how much do we really know about where those eggs come from? How do my eggs get to the grocery store? Why are they packaged that way? And what's the difference between white and brown eggs?

Welcome to Eggheads, the podcast that cracks open the unexpectedly fascinating world of eggs and egg agriculture. Each episode of Eggheads brings you an intersection of tradition, transformation, and innovation within the egg industry, from egg nutrition and cage-free farming to the fascinating field of eggonomics, and even the intricacies of chicken genetics. 

Throughout this series, we'll be joined by industry ‘eggsperts’ who will provide insights into the challenges, breakthroughs, and latest developments that shape the production and consumption of eggs, spanning from small-scale family farms to large-scale commercial operations. So, whether you're a farmer, an industry insider, or simply an egg enthusiast, get ready to scramble your expectations as we peel back the layers of this egg-citing industry.

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Nathan Tower

What is Eggheads?

The average American eats almost 300 eggs per year. But how much do you know about where they come from? What actually makes an egg organic? And could better eggs be better for you?

Host Greg Schonefeld is your resident Egghead and digs into topics like egg nutrition, cage-free farming and what it takes to build an egg empire. From egg-onomics to chicken genetics, Eggheads crack open the unexpectedly fascinating world of eggs.