WJFF-Cooking in the Catskills with Brett August

In this podcast episode, Chef Brett August interviews Chef John Dettori from The Creek House Grill, located at 19 Lower Main Street in Calicoon, NY. 

Discover Chef Dettori's passion for exceptional cuisine as he shares his culinary inspirations, innovative techniques, and collaboration with local farmers and artisans. Experience the vibrant flavors, seasonal ingredients, and inviting ambiance that make The Creek House Grill a must-visit culinary destination. 

What is WJFF-Cooking in the Catskills with Brett August?

Hosted by Chef Brett August, Cooking in the Catskills is a podcast (and forthcoming cookbook) that explores the history & current pulse of the Catskill Mountains through the lens of food.

Chef August dives deep into modern cuisine, as well as the history of food & hospitality in the Catskills — from the "Borscht Belt" bungalow colonies of the 1950s/60s to contemporary farm-to-table. Cooking in the Catskills celebrates the Catskill Mountains and what makes them so uniquely beloved through conversations about food, history, family, and the personal stories of his guests.