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Welcome back to the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

Today’s podcast is a special show with 3i Members co-founder Mark Gerson.

Alt Goes Mainstream’s first sponsor is 3i Members, an investing network built on community, collaboration and capital that was co-founded by Mark Gerson, Billy Libby, and Teddy Gold. 3i Members is a global deal network for accomplished private investors. Members uncover, share, and diligence high-quality investment opportunities in private markets. The network offers more than just investment opportunities, providing access to expert databases, legal services, international events and retreats, masterclasses, asset allocation workshops, and other resources.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur who has built a number of communities that have revolved around some form of crowdsourcing.

In addition to founding 3i Members, Mark founded Gerson Lehman Group, a knowledge brokerage and primary research firm, that figured out how to use the power of community to serve its customers. He also founded United Hatzalah, a crowd-sourced system of volunteer first response that enables Israelis to be treated within the moments separating life from death following any medical trauma. He also co-founded and is the Chairman of African Mission Healthcare, which enables Christian medical missionaries to provide clinical care, training, and medical infrastructure for people throughout Africa.

From co-founding United Hatzalah of Israel to building a unique community in the private markets space with 3i Members, Mark shares his experiences and the profound impact of community and crowdsourcing in both philanthropy and private markets. The episode dives into the intricacies of building capable, engaged communities, the conceptual differences between a network and a community, and the unique approach of 3i Members in creating a collaborative investing landscape. We discussed:
  • Mark’s journey and the significance of pro-social behaviors and intellectual curiosity among investors. 
  • How 3i Members facilitates a space for private investors to share, scrutinize, and engage with high-quality investment opportunities. 
  • The importance of asking the right questions in investment. 
  • ROI-based philanthropy
  • The value of non-transactional relationships within communities.
Thanks Mark for coming on the show to share your stories and wisdom.

00:00 Welcome to the Mainstream: The Alt Goes Mainstream Podcast Intro
00:42 Introducing 3i Members: A New Era of Investing
01:11 Mark Gerson's Journey: Building Communities and Crowdsourcing Success
02:59 The Power of Community in Crowdsourced First Response
07:59 3i Members: Crowdsourcing in the Investment World
09:44 The Art of Building and Maintaining Quality Networks
12:02 The Philosophy of No-Selling in Building Trust and Community
14:59 Engineering Serendipity: Fostering Organic Growth and Engagement
19:59 Investment Strategies and Learning from the 3i Community
24:40 The Future of Investing with 3i Members
34:51 ROI in Philanthropy: A New Approach to Giving
40:09 Closing Thoughts

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