The Metal Guys Talk Business

We were joined by Craig and Andy from Flocon to talk about the growth of their second-generation family business.

Show Notes

Flocon Valves and Fittings are a family-owned distributor business based in South Wales.

Supplying stainless steel, carbon steel, plastics and everything in between, this business has become a true success story in our industry.

In this episode, we were joined by Craig and Andy Phillips to talk through the last few years, with the aim of understanding why this business has had such consistent growth. We featured Flocon, as our cover story on the first Metal Magazine back in March 2022, and at that time, the goal was to hit a turnover of £10,000,000. At the time this podcast is released, that £10 million figure will have been surpassed, but back in 2021, it was still a big milestone number to hit.

Craig and Andy are two of the three directors running the business and are the sons of two of the three original owners. So this is a true family business and it was a fun podcast to record.

Amongst other things we talk about:

* The early days, and how Andy and Craig entered the business.
* Succession planning and growing the business.
* The opportunities that COVID presented to the business.
* Growing fast, and how that affected the team.
* Service, and supplying anything, from barn doors to bales of hay.
* Working with coaches, and the associated benefits.
* Digitalisation, but not losing the personal touch!
* What they've learned along the way, and the mistakes they have made.


This podcast was recorded in August 2021.

To find out more about FLOCON, give them a call or visit the website:


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