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It sounds like a Zen koan: what does Everything Everywhere All at Once sound like? Son Lux's composer Rafiq Bhatia explores the glorious anarchy.

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With the Oscars coming up this weekend, we wanted to share this interview that Clint Worthington had with Rafiq Bhatia on the scoring of Oscar-nominated Everything Everywhere All at Once. 

The film has received the most nominations at the 95th Academy Awards with 11 Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best Original Score, and Best Original Song, which Bhatia played a big part in. 

Clint Worthington adapted his interview into an article found on our website. The full interview originally aired via his own podcast, Right on Cue, back in April of 2022 and we thought it was so good, we’re sharing it with you here. Check out Right on Cue for more interesting interviews and perspectives about film, tv, and video game music:

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