The Modern Manager

Are you becoming a bad boss? What are the signs that you’re turning into one? 

Bad boss behaviors can range from micromanagement and poor communication to lack of appreciation and unreasonably high expectations for their employees.

The good thing is that bad boss behaviors can be changed. And we’ve invited someone to help us explore today’s topic.

Today’s guest is Rob Kalwarowsky. Rob is a High-Performance Leadership Coach and TEDx Speaker whose quiet realizations give his audience loud transformations. Rob shares wise insights about toxic leadership, mental health, and finding purpose in life. 

In this week’s episode, Rob and I talk about the six different types of bad bosses, how to avoid accidentally becoming a bad boss, and how to deal with someone with bad boss behaviors.

Whether you might be unintentionally using bad boss behaviors or are currently dealing with a toxic boss, tune in now for an insightful conversation.

Let’s get started!

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Conversation Topics:
  • (00:00) Intro
  • (02:05) What is a bad boss?
  • (03:27) 6 archetypes of bad bosses
  • (10:06) The first step on how not to be a bad boss
  • (15:52) How to determine that you’re being a bad boss
  • (19:24) Rob’s own experience of dealing with a toxic boss
  • (23:17) Tips on how to start changing your bad boss behaviors
  • (27:36) A great manager Rob has worked for
  • (28:41) Keep up with Rob
  • (30:30) [Extended Episode Only] How to deal with a bad boss
  • (38:01) [Extended Episode Only] What to do when your bad boss’s behaviors fit your style?

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