The Product Marketing Experts

Questions covered in this episode:
1:25 Opening Question: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your path into product marketing?
4:22 How you and Crossbeam team think about creating successful go-to-market plan?
7:37 how do you lay out the responisbilities and plan across your organization?
10:03 How you think about defining that ownership and gaining buy-in cross-functionally.?
13:57 How you approach different launch sizes or just different launches overall?
17:14 How you think about defining KPIs for a successful go-to-market launch?
19:46 How you've thought about differentiating yourselves and your messaging and ensuring that you retain leadership through launches?
22:06 Can you share one piece of insight that has served you well throughout your product marketing career?

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What is The Product Marketing Experts ?

A deep dive into the craft of Product Marketing with the best Product Marketers in the world. Each week we sit down with Product Marketing experts at some of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. Hosted by Jeffrey Vocell, Director of Product Marketing at Iterable and brought to you by, the leading Product Marketing question and answer site.