It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm

When we get to the point where we're overworked, becoming too essential or handling too many problems, it's really appealing to throw a person at the work or at the problem. But how often does that actually work? 

So, if delegation through abdication doesn't work, it can feel like the alternative is that you must do everything yourself in order for it to be done right. And that is unsustainable.

In the short-term, it is absolutely harder to build process, train and equip others, create clear expectations and provide feedback. Equipping and expecting people to show up is fire prevention rather than fire fighting. This results in equipping more firefighters, which means you will stop being the only person who can solve a problem.

Join us as Anna and Jill talk about their journeys in learning to empower others and make themselves less essential in the day-to-day.

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Creators & Guests

Anna Ready
Technology enthusiast, accounting geek, and lover of all things systemized. Wife. Mom. Firm Owner (Accrew). Mostly just here for the jokes
Jill Chun
Passionate about leading and developing teams in meaningful ways. Won’t turn down a challenge and loves asking how we can refine a process so that it works for us (not against us). Always up for a good dance party

What is It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm?

Join Anna and Jill as they guide you on a journey of building something worth building.