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In this exclusive episode, we discuss a litany of misguided rebrand attempts, interrogating the dogwhistles of Gen Z bizarro cash-grab styling. Inspired by the ignominy of Camila Cabello's new "era," we unpack the major influences behind alternative rebrands, from Myspace celebrities to the visual identity of PC music. We investigate the authenticity crisis, the definition of hyperpop, being niche gay famous, the digital camera and camcorder renaissance, and more!

Image board
Camila Cabello for PAPER Magazine (came out after we recorded LOL)
Call Me Back by James Charles
Charlotte Rutherford Photography
Trisha Paytas shot by Alyssa Kazew
Ayesha Erotica Twitter Rant
The Media's Succession Obsession
Tara Yummy's 1 Million Subs Party

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