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An interview with Annie Guo, CEO and founder of Silkpay. Annie talks about her passion for running her own company and how Silkpay connects European merchants and Chinese tourists using Alipay and WeChat Pay so they can pay in Europe just like they are used to at home.

Show Notes

An interview with Annie Guo,  CEO and founder of Silkpay, a Paris based start-up offering European merchants mobile payment solutions so that Chinese tourists can seamlessly pay using Alipay and WeChat Pay on their travels. Annie talks about why she enjoys running her own company after many years in banking and Silkpay's solutions for merchants in France and other major European tourist destinations. https://www.silkpay.eu/

What is Voice of FinTech?

Mapping out Swiss and European FinTech ecosystem. Aiming to inspire entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures and connect them with incubators, accelerators, investors and incumbents.