Split Happens - Divorce Down Under

In this episode of Split Happens, Alex and Liza discuss when you have no other option but to go to Court. 
If you cannot avoid it then you should start to prepare for the long haul, the financial and mental could be crippling but Alex and Liza will explain through their own experiences how you can best prepare yourself. 
First and foremost be realistic and get some advice before you start!
Alex and Liza will walk you through what lies ahead and answer some of the more common, and a few uncommon questions that are asked by their clients.
Some other topics discussed are:
  • Stop and Settle?
  • Using Precedents
  • Interim Arrangements
  • Compliance
If you have any further questions and want to reach out to Alex or Liza you can find them on the links below

Alex - https://arbonlegal.com.au/about/alex-wynn/

Liza - https://arbonlegal.com.au/about/liza-friedwald/

What is Split Happens - Divorce Down Under?

Welcome to Split Happens, where we dive into all family law matters. Hosted by Alex and Liza, two experienced professionals, the podcast offers an insightful and sometimes entertaining look at the intricacies of family law. Exploring difficult subjects involving kids, money and property, to help you navigate the complex world of family law. Join us each week as we tackle a new topic and uncover fresh perspectives on an often daunting subject.