Ski The Whites

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Pier is the man behind our fledgling coffee business but I couldn't think of a better person for the job. He thrives in the outdoors and carries a long list of accomplishments as a cyclist, skier, and now trail runner. We nerd out on coffee and give some insight on how we ended up with a $15,000 coffee roaster.

Show Notes

Pier and I linked up for a 24 mile run this summer - it only took several miles to realize that we would partner up on a coffee business that materialized a few month later. Pier's positivity carries over into his other passions for the outdoors but really shines when he shares his coffee with customers visiting the shop. If you're interested in linking up with Pier for some coffee roasting action, ping the shop and he'll make it happen. 

What is Ski The Whites?

Host Andrew Drummond interviews people who all have some tie to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We include weekly weather updates from WGME chief meteorologist Charlie Lopresti as well as behind the scenes happenings of Ski The Whites.