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In this Content Matterz podcast episode, Eric Kasimov talks with Diane Tarshis, Founder of the Startup Distillery. Diane talks about how outsourcing sales is the one thing she hasn’t seen that can be outsourced.
However, as we talk about in this episode, your content is a sales tool. So the way to outsource sales is to allow content to be part of the sales process.
Often, I talk about how content is so much more than a driver of new business. And it is. Benefits of content include becoming a better communicator, practice for your listening skills, recruiting new employees, training your team, thinking through ideas, meeting new people, exploring topics of interest, and the list goes on. But yes, sometimes as Diane says, you need to drive business. And if you see content as a sales tool along with all the other benefits of content creation, then all of the sudden you have outsourced your content to leveraged media.
How should you use content as a sales tool?
I’ll give you an example: You listen to our podcast. Perhaps like the podcast. You like the sound quality, you like the conversation, you like that it makes you think, you like the music we use, you like the text you read that supports the podcast episode, and so on. That leads you to you reaching out to us to talk about our podcast production services. Maybe it wasn’t so direct. Maybe it was the fifth time you came across something of ours–either way the content you consumed led you to reach out to us about us building your new podcast. That’s content as a sales tool.
Now, what if you don’t like our podcast, to which I say, okay. That possibly saved us a lot of time. Imagine if we didn’t have this content–eventually, you would find out if you liked it or not. That saves everyone a lot of angst and us a lot of time. I see it like this–there’s an abundance of opportunities out there. If someone doesn’t like our content…next. And if someone does, great! The content does the selling. There is no convincing. And best of all, the other benefits I mentioned above and that I talk about often–they stay no matter what. So yeah use content as a sales tool, but that’s not all it is.
How does content as a sales tool work if you’re an attorney? You can talk about cases you’ve won. People hear it and then when they need something similar, they’ll reach out.
How does content as a sales tool work if you’re a therapist? You talk about mental health-related to running a business. And then a business owner reaches out to schedule a therapy session. Go check out Psychology Today and all the great content they offer. Each article is written by a therapist that is linked out to their personal profile where someone can book time with them for a session. 
You see how that works. Content as a sales tool.
Thank you for listening to this Content Matterz podcast episode titled: “Content as a Sales Tool”.
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