Bootstrapping Saas

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Various channels and tactics on how to increase the number of qualified leads for

Show Notes

In this very first inaugural show of Bootstrapping Saas, I get to talk about various growth channels I am considering for While daily activity with current users is solid, my challenge remains in generating qualified leads for Claritask — users that will potentially turn into paying customers.

Outlets I mention in this episode:
- Rewardful
- TechnologyAdvice
- Sujan Patel
- Mailshake

Thanks to everyone who supported, inspired, and pushed me to start this Podcast!

What is Bootstrapping Saas?

Hi my name is Val Sopi and I am the founder and solo maker of In this weekly show I will cover details on my way to $10K in MRR. I will go into detail about strategies, tactics, lessons, and successes in marketing, sales, and outreach. Follow me along on this journey towards my goal.