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The guests take over -- stepping in for Stephen Robles are William Gallagher and Wesley Hilliard, with their very different takes on Apple TV games, Elon Musk's adventures, and Windows versus Mac. Plus one has tried out Freeform, and the other is planning a risky hike into the mountains to try out Apple's Emergency SOS via satellite.

Show Notes

It's hard to get away from the chaos happening with Twitter, but this week's AppleInsider podcast might be the distraction you need. That's because all of the great news this week seems to revolve around enjoying yourself on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

So co-host Wesley Hilliard has been going in deep with Apple Arcade games on the newly-updated Apple TV 4K. And co-host William Gallagher has been trying out the brand-new and yet oddly-familiar Freeform from the iPadOS developer beta.

Plus you can't talk about games this week without discussing what's going on with Nintendo's plans for games on the iPhone. That said, you can't mention the iPhone this week without briefly marvelling at the world's first-ever foldable iPhone -- even if it wasn't made by Apple.
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