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Trevor Hodge has become one of Australia's best known Christian song writers. Join Jenny as she takes a journey through his life and the songs that reflected its meaning.

Show Notes

Trevor Hodge has played in everything from school concerts to cover bands, even as God brought together a musical career that has supported the faith of thousands. 

Yet his biggest achievement is arguably breaking ground for a new sort of ministry position in Australian churches.

Trevor tells Jenny the story that led to him to become one of Australia's first 'magnification pastors', a term that has become synonymous with ministering the word of God to the soul through music.

What is SALT - Conversations with Jenny?

Jenny Salt is a Christian academic, lecturer at Sydney Missionary And Bible College, and sweet-heart with a microphone. Join her on a forty minute journey into someone’s amazing and often unexpected spiritual travels.

Missionaries and media makers, scientists and sportspeople, new agers and new migrants – Salt is a chance to enter into the lives of people and discover heart-warming, sometimes challenging and always extraordinary gospel stories.