The WP Minute+

Katie Keith from Barn2 joins the podcast to discuss her recents success running a WordPress & WooCommerce plugin business.
Key Takeaways
  • Transitioning from client services to product business takes forethought about your ideal lifestyle and abilities.
  • Know if you want to manage a team before diving in. Build a remote team culture by regularly checking in, being flexible, and celebrating shared wins – not just revenue goals.
  • SEO success requires a balance between optimization best practices and creating content real humans love. Don’t over-optimize.
  • Consider both logic and marketing impact before splitting brands and websites. Domain authority has tangible value.
  • Providing bundled offerings can ease plugin pricing fatigue for customers with diverse needs.YouTube and content marketing are powerful sales drivers.
  • Invest in what already works for your business.
  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:00 Katie’s background
  • 3:00 Transitioning from agency to product company
  • 8:00 Remote team culture
  • 10:30 SEO strategies
  • 13:00 Document Library Pro success
  • 15:00 Evaluating business models
  • 17:00 The state of WooCommerce
  • 21:00 Matt’s SEO frustrations
  • 23:00 Marketing through content
  • 25:30 Plugin pricing and bundles
  • 28:00 Lifetime licenses debate
  • 31:00 Podcasting strategies
  • 35:00 Investing in YouTube
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What is The WP Minute+?

For long-form interviews, news, and commentary about the WordPress ecosystem. This is the companion show to The WP Minute, your favorite 5-minutes of WordPress news every week.