OK Productive

Some reflection on our OK 2019 and a glimpse at 2020

Show Notes

Differences between 2018 and 2019
Leo's Year in Review
  • Improvements to health
  • Successful speaking engagements
  • A consistent schedule with podcasts
  • Successful at writing output
  • Audience improvements:
  • Future Improvements include email, more video, and audience research
Erik's Year in Review
  • Came up with whole-year goals and broke down into quarterly, monthly, and weekly lists
  • Also made weekly and monthly habits checklists
  • About 20-30% of the anticipated objectives and habits changed over the year
  • The habits that stuck were those that Erik had the most direct control, like stretching and diet
  • The items that changed or were not met the most typically involved other people or deep research
  • Erik's biggest regret: not enough "for-fun, but also is work" tasks
  • Erik's biggest desire to change: more regular date nights
  • Leo referred Erik to Derek Sivers' article: Stay in touch with hundreds of people
What's being cut in 2020
  • Leo's stepping away from organizing meetups and local networking
  • Erik is getting away from nonprofit administration, business social media management, and the status quo of local tech events
  • We're stepping away from the podcast, too. More on that in the next episode!
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What is OK Productive?

a podcast of banter and being productive enough