Last episode of Mobycast, we began our post-coverage analysis of AWS re:Invent 2019. With a major theme of "transformation", we walked through some of the key advancements being made by AWS to drive innovation now and into the future. From supercomputing to networking to AI and ML, AWS is proof that there is "no compression algorithm for experience."

In this episode of Mobycast, Jon and Chris conclude their special two-part mini-series on this year's re:Invent conference. We finish recapping the big keynote sessions and highlight the major themes of this year's show. We close it all out by sharing our most important takeways that you need to know.

Show Notes

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In this episode, we cover the following topics:
  • Recap and analysis of Andy Jassy's keynote, including:
    • The theme of this year's keynote is transformation, presented via 6 theme songs.
    • "The hunger keeps on growing" (Dave Matthews Band, "Too Much")
      • Storage performance is growing much faster than compute/memory (6x faster since 2012). This is enabling new innovations like AQUA for Redshift, making it 10x faster than any other cloud data warehouse.
      • How the new Ultrawarm for Elasticsearch tier reduces cost by 90%.
      • AWS helps again with undifferentiated heavy lifting by offering a managed Cassandra service.
    • "I would walk 500 miles" (The Proclaimers, "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)")
      • AWS is one of the best places for AI/ML across all layers of the stack.
      • SageMaker is a vibrant ML platform that is rapidly evolving into the next generation developer desktop.
      • Can AWS really automate code reviews with its new Code Guru service?
      • Using the power of AI to search for enterprise data with Kendra.
    • "Break on through to the other side" (The Doors, "Break on Through")
      • If you can't come to AWS, AWS is coming to you! AWS infrastructure is everywhere with VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS Outposts, AWS Local Zones and AWS Wavelength.
  • Recap and analysis of Werner Vogel's keynote, including:
    • The problems and limitations of classic virtualization (Xen-based).
    • How the Nitro System takes a microservices approach to computer system design.
    • The importance of Firecracker as a next generation VM.
    • A case-study of the Elastic Block Service (EBS) architecture and how AWS is using a new technology called Physalia to battle the CAP theorem.
    • You can now learn more about how AWS designs and develops software with the new Amazon Builders' Library.
  • Key takeaways
    • The Nitro System is a key technology that is enabling AWS to break through barriers. It will provide us with powerful new capabilities to tackle previously unsolvable problems.
    • AWS is everywhere, extending all the way out to the edge with IoT/Greengrass, and everywhere in between with on-premise (AWS Outposts), near-premise (Local Zones) and even integrated on the 5G network with AWS Wavelength.
    • AWS is a leader in AI/ML, with Sagemaker becoming a next generation developer platform.
    • Analytics is a big priority, with focus on Redshift and data lakes.
    • Quantum computing is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It will be here sooner than you think.


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Walking Dub For Black Queens, by Place

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