Brief History of Climb

The early 80's was a time of immense change in the climbing world. Sport climbing and bolting on rappel had just started to spread from Europe to America, and the ethics that had ruled the previous decades started to be questioned.

John Bachar - arguably the greatest climber in the world at the time - hated the idea of these new ethics changing the sport. In July of  1981, after attending an international climbing meetup in Germany where sport climbing was the hot topic of the day, he returned to Yosemite with plans to make a statement against the way that climbing was evolving.

The statement was a bold and dangerous new route - the Bachar-Yerian 5.11 R/X.

In this episode, we continue the story of the route, look deeper into the controversy surrounding it, and investigate some of the historical repeats (and attempts!).


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Various, extremely long SuperTopo threads...

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