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On #InVinoFab episode no. 61, Laura chats with Katie Linder about what it's like to get started at a new organization and in a new role... as they reflect on their onboarding experiences and suggestions for starting at a new job. You'll learn about work transitions, coaching certification, and being an alternative academic on this episode. Enjoy!

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We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Katie Linder to episode no. 61 of the #InVinoFab podcast. Katie is an avid writer and researcher with a passion for process and peeking behind the scenes at what it takes to be a successful academic. She is the creator of the You’ve Got This podcast and blogs weekly at The Academic Creative. Katie’s most recent book is Going Alt-Ac: A Guide to Alternative Academic Careers. Currently, she serves as the executive director for program development at Kansas State University Global Campus. Katie is also a Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. You can learn more about Katie’s work at: and connect with her on Twitter @Katie__Linder.

In this episode, we talk about transitioning to a new role, new organization, and all the fun things about the onboarding process. Here are a few things you should expect and/or plan for during your own “job start up” when you launch yourself for into a brand new job that is not similar to one you may have held before:
  • Expect to meet with a lot of folks -- meet & greets, team meetings, and/or 1:1s
  • Get to know your peers, colleagues, team, and others who you will work with 
  • Create your own “social network” of who you meet and how you they relate to your team/projects (with pictures to help you remember)
  • Establish systems and ways you will work -- your workflow might change, so figure out how you will work at your new job/office/role
  • Know your work spaces and opportunities for where you will get the work done, i.e. the physical space in your office, building, etc. where you will get the work done
  • Consider how you will sync your personal/work priorities-- consider merging systems or digital methods to optimize/organize your calendar, meeting notes, tasks, and/or events 
  • Seek out ways to get onboard BEFORE you start AND what you will be learning the first day (orientation), first week, first month, and the first 3 months
  • Ask if there is an HR checklist or onboarding task list for who you should be meeting, what you need to learn about, and all the administrative/HR paperwork you need to get started at your new place of employment. 
  • Hopefully your supervisor/organization will establish ways to learn about the new company/campus, your unit and role, and the projects your team/you will be working on
  • Find (or assign, if you’re the boss) an onboarding buddy or mentor to help guide your new employee through their transition process to ask questions, get advice, etc.
  • Establish ways you will regularly (weekly) touch base with your supervisor and team -- how will you communicate, check-in, and work? 
  • Show your super powers at work: Remember that YOU are hired to bring your expertise, talents, and skills to the table (psst… it’s WHY you are the new hire!) 
Just take it one step at a time, because sometimes that's all you can do.”   ~ @Katie__Linder’s advice for being on the job market or in transition. 

A few ideas shares and resources mentioned on this episode:

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