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The latest installment of our "Going Remote" Q&A series is all about working from home while taking care of kids—some of whom make cameos on this episode.

Show Notes

Several of Basecamp's working parents talk about (not) getting things done with small children around, navigating responsibilities and feelings with partners, structuring the day, primal screaming, and more. You can also watch the full video replay of this Q&A session.

Show Notes

Going Remote series on YouTube - 00:10

Basecamp's Remote Resources page - 00:39

Question 1: If you’re home with kids under three, how do you work while they’re craving your attention? - 4:00

Going Remote episode about customer support - 6:25

Art for Kids Hub on YouTube - 15:31

Lunch Doodles with children's book author Mo Willems - 15:51

LeVar Burton does #LeVarBurtonReadsLive on his Twitter feed - 15:55

Question 2: How do you navigate tension between partners when one person bears more of the childcare responsibilities? - 19:22

Question 3: What morning habits do you have to keep yourself aligned? - 23:33

Basecamp on Twitter - 27:23

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