Abolitionist Roundtable with the MJLC

In this episode, Jonathan, Gabe and Ria sit down to discuss what the aim of higher education should be; a conversation based on their experience as college students, time as MJLC study group members, a shared class: Philosophy 557 Justice in Higher Education and the paper “Only Connect… The Goals of a Liberal Education” by William Cronon. The roundtable members reflect on what they expected from college, the role of ideal theory in isolating aims, considering the UW-Madison mission statement and coming up with their own, shared, idea of what the aims of higher education should be. Finally, they touch on how educators can and should execute these aims and the role of third spaces like the MJLC in higher education. 

Creators & Guests

Ria Dhingra
Co-Editor-In-Chief of the MJLC
Lexi Spevacek

What is Abolitionist Roundtable with the MJLC?

Members of the Madison Journal of Literary Criticism (MJLC) gather for small group discussions based on study group topics surrounding abolition and literary criticism.