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We're very pleased to present a wonderful talent and someone I'm proud to call a friend - Galvano. The second of our producers / DJ's to step up to the infamous PHUK series with his own take on the deep progressive house sound.

Expect solid groove, spine tingling keys and subtle changes in rhythm and depth of Sound. Of course Galvano's own productions 'Feels' and 'Escape Reality' have nestled in to this 2 hour mix along with the ever growing IN2U record labels other producers.

As with all our mixes this is a truly unique journey through Galvano's mind and contains original tracks you definitely won't have heard before. Ladies and gentlemen - 008 is served.

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Show Notes

Full Track Listing 
  1. Nipocra - Space Model (Original Mix) [Bevel Rec] 
  2. Galvano - FEELS [Droid9]
  3. Don Longton - Still Waiting (Enertia-Sound Remix) [IN2U Records] 
  4. Maxi Taboada & Tyncho Mass - Darkness (Original Mix) [Mirabilis Records] 
  5. Hall North - Potholing [IN2U Records]
  6. Tomic - Crystal (Original Mix) [Vesta Records] 
  7. Flight 2020 (Original Mix) [Beat Block Records]
  8. Adnan Jakubovic - The Awakening [Big Bells Records] 
  9. Sasheen - Dream Master [Droid9] 
  10. Teklix - Lyra (Original Mix) [IN2U Records] 
  11. Galvano - Escape Reality [IN2U Records] 
  12. Coastal Promenade - Daniel Glover Remix [Emotional Content Recordings] 
  13. Enertia-Sound - Once Upon A Time (Eli Spiral Remix) [Droid9] 
  14. Julian Nates - Surrealism (Original Mix) [Droid9] 
  15. Nigel C & Dylan Deck - Static (Nishan Lee Remix) [IN2U Records] 
  16. Mental Order, Cambric - Nehemias (Original Mix) [OLD SQL Recordings]
  17. Ultraverse - Endless Desire [IN2U Records] 
  18. Sanchez & Pietkun - No Control (Juan Ibanez Remix) [AH Digital] 
  19. Nicolas Benedetti & Fer De Risio - Air Visions (Original_Mix) [AH Digital] 
  20. Forest Weed - Endless (Original Mix) [OLD SQL Recordings] 
  21. Nightbob - Indulgent Community (Original Mix) [AH Digital] 
  22. Nightbob - Afraid of Toys [IN2U Records]
Find out more about Galvano his new direction with the Launch of his Podcast Mix Show, IN2U Sessions,which also features our very own Danny Jarvis the Launch of a New Label IN2U Records as well as working on New Projects for other Labels.

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