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Changing PR agencies is not a decision to be taken lightly. In the first of our new series, we speak to David Chalmers, VP of Marketing at Skurio, about when it's time to change and the right things to look for to make a successful switch.

Show Notes

Welcome to the first edition of the brand new Code Red Podcast, hosted by veteran journalist Guy Clapperton. Each episode will be delivering actionable insight for marketing and PR decision makers working in cyber security.

In our inaugural episode we tackle the difficult issue of deciding when to change PR agencies. David Chalmers, VP of Marketing at Skurio, joins us to discuss his experience in making the switch and finding a new agency to fit Skurio's needs.

What is Code Red Talks?

With our podcasts, Code Red agents share captivating ideas and real-life conversations about cyber security. You can listen to these anywhere on-the-go. Learning about the trends and themes that influence and steer cyber security both globally and locally has never been so easy.