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When you are thinking about your go-to-market strategy, when should you go direct and when should you build a partner strategy? My guest today is Malhar Kamdar, the Chief Ecosystem Officer at Celonis who sat down with me to talk about how Celonis thought about their ecosystem strategy - when they decided to double down on it; what makes for a successful ecosystem strategy; how to structure it and how to measure it.

Show Notes

  • [1:34] - Why did you leave Oracle to join Celonis?
  • [3:20]] What does Celonis do? And what is Execution Management System (EMS)?
  • [8:00] How would you describe what it takes to be an ecosystem strategy officer?
  • [9:35] When time is best to build a partner or ecosystem strategy? Is this something that you would recommend all companies to do?
  • [14:13] What is the blueprint to building a successful ecosystem strategy that would scale?
  • [19:26] When is the right time to think about embarking on a partnership and ecosystem strategy in the life of a startup?
  • [23:21] What advice would you give founders and CEOs on how to measure, track and incentivize the ecosystem strategy role for it to be successful?
  • [27:53] What are some of the innovative things that you and Celonis have done to create successful ecosystem strategies?
  • [28:48] Do you worry that to get value out of Celonis, companies might have to spend more?


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