Good News for Today

The Southern Baptist Convention begins its 2024 Annual Meeting today in Indianapolis. More than 10,000 messengers are gathering to hear reports related to missions, church planting, and the work of the convention.
Messengers are considering recommendations on sexual abuse response and reform as well as ways to improve cooperation among the convention’s 47,000 churches.
The meeting represents the gathering of the largest deliberative body in the world and spans two full days.
An amendment that seeks to further clarify the convention’s understanding of who may fill the office of pastor is also on the agenda.
Members from churches in almost every state and Puerto Rico will be in attendance for the meeting.
The International Mission Board is encouraging believers to pray for the Baloch people of Central Asia.
It is unknown if there has ever been a healthy, authentic Baloch church worshipping in the Balochi language. Baloch believers face great risk if they meet together as Christians. Pray God will gather Baloch together to form a church despite the danger.
You can learn more about how you can pray for and get involved with getting the Gospel to those who’ve never heard at
Midwestern Seminary professor Joe Allen writes about the way New Testament writer Paul prayed for those who didn’t know Jesus. 
His desire was not a shallow, fleeting desire, but a core longing that sprang from the center of his being. If you do not feel deep compassion for the lost, go back and review the gospel. Think about the sacrifice of Jesus and the depth of the love that bought your salvation. 
Paul prayed fervently. The people of Israel had rejected Jesus as their Messiah, but Paul remained hopeful that they might be saved. Paul did not give up on them, and he did not leave his heart’s desire unexpressed; he acted. 
Third, Paul prayed specifically. He did not pray ambiguous prayers for some amorphous spiritual blessing. Instead, he prayed for their salvation. Elsewhere, Paul prayed for boldness (Eph. 6:18–20), for opportunity (Col. 4:2–4), and that the Word of the Lord would spread rapidly and be glorified (2 Thess. 3:1). 

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