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Anyone could build AT&T from their bedroom!

Show Notes

00:00 10 episodes!
00:34 Listener shoutouts
02:59 Pumping your voice into someone else's ears
05:38 Converting internet numbers to real numbers
06:40 "Slack is down, use async!"
08:04 Meeting Place,, and WebRTC update
09:59 How does WebRTC work?
14:59 Twilio's TURN at $0.40/GB vs. $0.01/GB
16:09 Business WebRTC bandwidth costs
18:49 STUN servers
20:09 Anyone could build AT&T from their bedroom!
20:43 Integrating audio chatting in Place
22:47 Chris's pandemic advantage over
27:32 Future plans for and Meeting Place
35:09 Who is Meeting Place for and what problems is it solving?
42:06 Do whatcha want! You don't need a grand vision
50:00 Cocoa Development
52:33 What's next for CamHead?
55:49 Influencer marketing
57:49 Turns out infoprducts are real businesses

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🐦 Learn React in 10 Tweets:
🐦 No Code Doesn't Exist:
🐦 Slack is Down - use async:
🔗 I'm Walking Away From the Product I Spent a Year Building—The story behind Level and why it failed by Derek Reimer:
🔗 Nailing Your First (Info-Product) Launch by Adam Wathan:
Also Christian's video is no longer 0.25 seconds off he fixed it :)

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Chris and Christian build some software businesses.