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Is choosing a family film hard to find? Join Becky & Chevonne today as they discuss the film industry, the impact of faith-based storytelling and the mission behind American Cinema International.

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Chevonne O'Shaugnessy is the co-founder and president of American Cinema International. She began her career as the President of International sales for PM Entertainment. Her 10 years in the position resulted in the production and sales of over 176 feature films and two successful television series. PM produced and distributed original prime time product for numerous international TV clients and domestic cable networks, with the distinction of being one of the first suppliers of HBO World Premier Movies. PM remains one of few companies amid the competitive world of independent filmmaking that consistently generates high quality Action Adventure feature films. She has also served as the executive producer of numerous films and TV mini-series including the Jack Hunter trilogy, El Dorado, Born to Race, and many more.

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