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Sometimes You Cope?! (Side B)
Your host Tea welcomes our first guest, Jezzaworks18, to talk about the new Gentleman Thief in town. Who needs Black James Bond when you can have Lupin?

Show Notes

Sometimes You Cope?! (Side B) 
Your host Tea welcomes our first guest, Jezzaworks18 to talk about Lupin (2021)! Inspired by the early 1900s French novels about Arsène Lupin, gentleman thief, this Netflix original brings us our Black Spy Dreams to life with the intelligent and tricky Assane Diop. Join us as we ramble about the many twists the show has to offer so far, from Black representation and hot French actors to clutch disguises and Complex Father Figures. Oh, and did we mention revenge?   

Content Warnings: Mentions of racism, stalking, murder and attempted murder, suicide, cheating (relationship), kidnapping, and kidnapping of a minor. 

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