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This is a throwback mix - now over 10 years old. The style and flow of the mix seems no different to how I play now and the tracks themselves have an edge of timelessness about them. When re-visiting mixes like this so long after, it's immensely pleasing to hear these particular tracks again. They still sound so good, the BPM is in line with my speed of play still and I'd be happy to play any of these records today. Stand out tracks from a young Eelke Kleijn and several producers much more widely known today.

Show Notes

Unfortunately, I don't have the tracklist for this mix - I do however have all the Tracks still.

Kudos points to anyone who names the tracks!

What is Danny Jarvis?

From Deep House to deep Progressive House & every genre in between. I love all music with real emotion and shifting energy. My methods are simple:

Flawless mixing, crafted programming and careful track selection with the listener or dance floor in mind.