Leanne Betasamosake Simpson- (Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg)
Theory of Ice (2021) Interview with Leanne

Show Notes

LEANNE BETASAMOSAKE SIMPSON of the Michii Saagiig Nishnaabeg, is an acclaimed scholar, author and musician. Her books challenge long standing literary conventions, as she brilliantly draws from ancient Anishnaabe oral storytelling traditions in ways that reimagines what a novel is and can be.. Among her latest books is Noopiming, a story that centers around a mythical being trapped in ice, who relies on 7 beings on the outside, each of whom make up a different faculty of the creatures body.. To further expand upon the ideas found in Noopiming, Leanne took seven of the poems from within its pages and crafted her latest album, Theory of Ice.. *contains bonus material not found in radio broadcast.. (extended interview)

Leanne Simpson- Break Up (Theory of Ice)
Leanne Simpson- I Pity the Country (Theory of Ice)
Black Belt Eagle Scout- My Heart Dreams (At the Party with My Brown Friends)
Beatrice Deer- 1997 (My All To You)
Leanne Simpson- Head of the Lake (Theory of Ice)
The Breakwater Band- Let it Rain (A Village Connection) 
Twin Flames- Battlefields (Omen)
Leanne Simpson- Laughing Heart (F(l)ight)
Ansley Simpson- Tea & Bourbon (Breakwall)

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