The Thriller Zone

On today’s 190th episode of The Thriller Zone, David and Tammy Temple discuss their TOP 20 SUMMER READS

David shares his formula for selecting the books and highlights a variety of thrillers, including military, political, and southern thrillers. They also mention debut authors and books that are in development for TV series. 

The episode concludes with a discussion about upcoming changes to the podcast for Season 7, they briefly share about David's battle with cancer and upcoming non-fiction book on the topic, and as always enjoy a good many laughs together, as they share their passion for reading great thrillers from exceptional authors.

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What is The Thriller Zone?

Podcast host and thriller author David Temple gives you a front-row seat to the best thriller writers in the world. If you like thriller fiction in Books, Movies, and TV Shows, you’ll love The Thriller Zone Podcast.