Finneran's Wake

On a bright, sunny February day, a couple of curious Montanans happened to look up and notice a peculiar flying object. 

At a slow, leisurely pace, what appeared to be a massive balloon was traversing their picturesque and boundless sky. 

Word started to get around that it might belong to a hostile actor. 

Only then did the Biden administration announce that, with a high level of confidence, this was no ordinary balloon, but a special SPY balloon deployed by the Chinese government. 

Did it proceed to intercept the balloon? To shoot it down? To seek redress from the CCP? To send our own balloon above the city of Wuhan in response?  


The balloon simply carried on its way, drifting with perfect nonchalance to the coast of South Carolina. 

Why did the CCP do this? 

And what exactly is our government doing? 

Please, if you have answers, comment below. 

What is Finneran's Wake?

Finneran’s Wake – where the ART OF CONVERSATION lives. Where no topic is untouchable, no idea inadmissible, and no one too heretical to be heard.

In this age of ineloquence, this dark decade of intolerance, we’ve all forgotten how to talk and, more importantly, how to listen. I hope, on this channel, to rehabilitate and refine these two neglected acts.

As the great French essayist Montaigne once said, “To my taste, the most fruitful and natural exercise of our minds is conversation. I find the practice of it the most delightful activity in our lives”.

I agree. And so, I welcome you to join me. Let us exercise our minds together. Let us practice this delightful activity as friends. Let us engage, now and forever, in the art of conversation.