The Recruitment Hackers Podcast

In this episode, Max Armbruster, CEO of Talkpush, interviews Sudeepta Parasar, CEO and Co-founder of Refersecout, a platform that simplifies and gamifies employee referral programs. They discuss the benefits of employee referrals, the challenges of managing a referral program, and the various stages of program sophistication. Sudeepta shares his insights on using gamification to engage employees, reward participation, and increase the success rate of referrals. They also explore the role of technology in streamlining referral processes and improving employee engagement. Tune in to learn about how Refersecout is transforming the way companies approach referral programs and the value of incorporating gamification in your hiring process.

Here are 7 actionable insights from the interview: 
  1. Importance of employee engagement: For a successful referral program, it is crucial to keep employees engaged and motivated to participate. Ensuring that employees are invested in the process will lead to better referrals and increased hiring success rates.
  2. Reward participation: Even if a referral doesn't result in a hire, consider rewarding employees for their participation to encourage continuous involvement. Offering incentives can drive employees to actively participate in the referral program.
  3. Gamification of the referral process: Introducing a point-based system or leaderboard can make the referral program more engaging and fun. Employees can earn points for participating and for their referrals' progress in the hiring process, which can later be redeemed for rewards.
  4. Use technology to streamline the process: Utilizing technology like Refersecout can help automate and manage referral programs more efficiently. This can free up time for HR professionals and improve the overall experience for employees participating in the program.
  5. Offer both monetary and non-monetary rewards: Combining monetary rewards with non-monetary incentives like vacation time or giveaways can create a more attractive and motivating referral program for employees.
  6. Continuously update and refine your referral program: Regularly evaluate your referral program's performance and make adjustments as needed. This will help you maintain a well-defined program that yields the best results.
  7. Monitor referral quality: Be mindful of the quality of referrals, and consider awarding more points for higher-quality candidates who progress further in the hiring process. This encourages employees to submit well-suited referrals, increasing the likelihood of successful hires.

What is The Recruitment Hackers Podcast?

The Recruitment Hackers Podcast talks to leaders who have turned recruiting into a long-term competitive edge for their business. In those discussions, we explore ways to improve the candidate experience, we imagine the future of recruitment, and we discuss which digital strategies are performing well. This podcast is essential listening for talent acquisition professionals who want to win the war for talent through digitization, automation and tons of empathy for candidates.