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Yet again, we have a very interesting discussion in today's podcast episode! Lucas Root, a podcast himself, shares the importance of having a solid business community and 5 business success factors! 

Whether leading business or projects for his clients or mentoring his clients to become empowered leaders, Lucas is a heart-centered expert in business. Business is not just about money. How you relate to the people in the business and the people around the business affect your business's bottom line greatly

Lucas believes that the way to influence that is by engaging your business as "your community" instead of thinking that they are your employees. For Lucas, a business leader, effectively helps people discover the unique language of their business and help them get into the rhythm by using the language of growth across the board. Discover this and more business success factors in today's episode! Make sure you tune in all the way to the end! 

Listen to this week's show and learn: 
  • What does a great business community look like?;
  • 5 Powerful elements of a successful business community;
  • How does the language of growth influence your business community's success 

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