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On our journey this week we look at the hidden storytelling tools of Animal Crossing. What may seem like a game about nothing has far more going on than meets the eye, and achieves something many other stories can't.

Show Notes

This week on Pathfinder we're trying something a little different and really trying to unpack what makes a story so special. Animal Crossing has been a big part of people's lives over the past couple of months, so we thought we'd look into what makes the game about nothing feel as good as it does.

If you liked this new format of the show, let us know. We'll do a deeper dive on some of the other stories of the moment to help you get to grips with what is driving them.

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What is Pathfinder?

Pathfinder is a show about storytelling. Each week we explore what makes stories work, uncover the lessons of the past and learn from people who are building worlds with the tools of the future. Written and hosted by Ollie Judge and Rodger Morley