The Possibility Project

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Host Sarah Knight discusses our climate crisis, and our apparent apathy and confusion, with filmmaker, journalist and WildX co-organizer Albert Nerenberg. In the making of his most recent documentary, Albert had an awakening around the seriousness of the Climate Crisis. He now actively advocates for every one of us to WAKE UP and own the indisputable fact that once we acknowledge that climate change is real, not one of us can turn away from taking responsibility to do something. The challenge as he sees it is that so many people just don’t know what to do. In response to this, Albert is organizing a breakthrough event in Montreal on October 5th, 2019 – WildX – which is focussed on action everyone can take. The event brings together thinkers, activists, and other changemakers to help to show us how to start living again, and to try to ensure that we get to stay that way!

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What is The Possibility Project?

Has the Climate Crisis got you feeling overwhelmed, devastated, despairing, angry, or even apathetic?

The Possibility Project Podcast is my own effort to move through these feelings, and to create positive action in my life, as I seek to find light and hope in our current calamity. It is my aim that as you listen to these interviews, you too will find ways to feel empowered to contribute in a positive way to righting the wrongs of our past. What if we can turn this crisis into a pathway towards the possibilities of a better way of life, for us, our children, and the whole world?

In this show Sarah Knight, Ocean Scientist, Science Communicator and Energy Healer, talks to scientists, healers, artists, thinkers, and activists, and others, as she seeks out the highest possibilities for this planet and its inhabitants in these changing times.