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Kattie and her guests discuss their personal journeys with discovering what matters most in life to them individually and the steps they've taken to find better alignment with this in their lives..

Show Notes

In episode three we explore the pursuit of understanding what matters most to us as individuals and how to gain better alignment with that in our live.  Kattie is joined by guests Kristina Grant and Jen Gutman to discuss their own personal journeys and lessons learned, some of the implications of not doing this, detractors to our pursuit, and some advice to others as they embark on their own journey of discovery.

Shared on this episode:
Did You Know:  Did COVID Lockdowns Actually Help Us Discover What Matters Most?
It Doesn't All Suck:  Leaving a Legacy of Blooms

imprfct life®
The Corner

Host:  Kattie Capozza
Guests: Kristina Grant and Jen Gutman
Music: Hussa Al Humaidhi
Sound Effects: Zapsplat

What is @ The Corner w/ imprfct life®?

imprfct life® is a space for women and girls to come together for self-development, support, and solidarity. Join co-founder Kattie Capozza a Gen X'r that has a lot on her mind and wants to inspire a world where women and girls are unapologetically their authentic selves; a world where they can feel supported and realize their superpowers for greatness in their own unique ways.

This podcast is meant to be a conversation among friends. Topics will vary from discussing the messy reality of life, embracing imperfections, the power of friendship, discussions on what it means to be a feminist, and exorcising toxic relationships.