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Day 2 of 9 focuses on the second Unstruck Principle – being Unharmed. We reclaim our innocence, using this act as a buffer of time and space, helping us to heal well.

Music Instrumental | "Sunday Coffee" – Brent Wood. © All Rights Reserved.

Show Notes

Unharmed | 2nd Principle
  • Conscious (intentional) and unconscious (unintentional) acts of harm.
  • Being unharmed as a firm, non-violent practice we gift toward ourselves, first.
  • Making a conscious choice to live an unharmed existence by “reversing the curse.”
  • “Climbing the mountain”, conditioning ourselves to be unharmed.

Music Instrumental | "Sunday Coffee" – Brent Wood. © All Rights Reserved.

What is Unstruck?

Unstruck Ventures + Podcast is a personal transformation and elevated, private coaching realm focused on evolving the (inner) life of tech founders and innovation leaders committed to accelerated spiritual growth and deeper wellbeing.

To be "unstruck" in Eastern and global Indigenous traditions is to be uncorrupted, unharmed, innately good, and regenerative. It speaks to the cosmic force of sound itself as a pure and loving energy, rooted in the heart.

Dara Songye, producer and host, shares guest interviews and experiential practices focused on activating artistry, innovation, consciousness, and inner life success, for personal and collective flourishing.