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Yousouf El-Azizi, mobile tribe lead at Obytes and core team member of the GeeksBlaBla community in Morocco, discusses his path into technology and becoming a React Native developer. He also talks about his role as the leader of the mobile tribe at Obytes and the benefits of using their open-source starter template. The template, which has gained popularity on GitHub, includes Expo, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Husky, Lint-staged, Expo Router, React Query, React Hook Form, and localization with I18n. The conversation covers various topics related to the Obytes Starter template for React Native. The main themes include the use of Tailwind CSS, the benefits of using the template, the integration of GitHub actions for automation, the use of React Query Kit and TanStack Query for data fetching, the use of Maestro for end-to-end testing, and the importance of documentation. The conversation also touches on the negative aspects of social media and the benefits of following the right people on GitHub.

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Youssouf El Azizi
  • The mobile tribe at Obytes follows the Spotify model of managing teams, with tribes focusing on technology and squads focusing on projects.
  • The Obytes starter template is an opinionated template that helps align teams and projects, providing a strong foundation and best practices.
  • The template includes Expo, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Husky, Lint-staged, Expo Router, React Query, React Hook Form, and localization with I18n.
  • Yousuf discusses the decision-making process behind adopting technologies for the starter template, such as Expo Router and Native Wind. The Obytes Starter template for React Native is designed to incorporate best practices and provide a solid foundation for new projects.
  • Tailwind CSS is a popular framework for styling in React Native and is widely used in the React Native ecosystem.
  • GitHub actions are used in the template for automation, including validation, testing, and building the app for different environments.
  • React Query Kit and TenStack Query are used for data fetching and provide an easy way to manage queries and mutations.
  • Maestro is used for end-to-end testing and provides a simple and intuitive way to write tests.
  • Documentation is an important aspect of the template and guides how to use the various features and technologies.
  • Following the right people on GitHub can be a valuable source of learning and discovering new projects and best practices.
  • Social media platforms like Twitter can be overwhelming and cause anxiety, and it's important to be mindful of the time spent on them.

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