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In this episode, inspired by the widespread panic surrounding the Death of the Club, we assess the contemporary state of nightlife and the sartorial, musical, and social considerations of the Going Out experience. Drawing from our own fieldwork as well as numerous studies, we discuss bottle girls, pickup artists, natural wine bars, section mindfulness, the infamous events of the TikTok Rizz Party, and much more. 

TikTok Rizz Party (original)
TTRP Lana edit
TTRP Sylvia Plath edit
The Man Who Has Everything: Mark Fisher on Drake’s Nothing Was The Same 
Venkatesh Rao — The Gervais Principle 
Millennials vs Gen Z in the club on Reels (lol) 
Sizing Up The Nightlife: A Study on Status Distinction
Why Gen Z Gave Up on Clubbing — The Telegraph
Gen Z and Nightlife Safety — Hunger Magazine
Gen Z Tell Us What They Think of Millennials’ Party Habits — VICE 
Boiler Room and Charli XCX Presents: PARTYGIRL

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