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Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn
Sheltering In Place - Episode 24 - I can't believe it's September already

Show Notes

Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn Sheltering In Place - Episode 24 - I can't believe it's September already

12:01 PM Swell Maps "International Rescue" from International Rescue on Alive Records

12:04 PM The Screamin' Mee-Mees "I Drink Sody" from Garbage Collage on Gulcher

12:05 PM Pop-O-Pies "In Frisco" from Pop-O-Anthology 1984 - 1993 on Pop-O-Pies

12:08 PM Radio Birdman "Hand of Law" from Radio Appear on Sire

12:14 PM The Rivieras "I've Had It" from Let's Stomp with The Rivieras! Unissued 1964 Recordings on Norton Records Inc.

12:16 PM The Standells "Mr. Nobody" from Why Pick On Me on Sundazed

12:18 PM Chemtrails "Paranoiacs" from The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable on PNKSLM Recordings

12:24 PM Alien Nosejob "Airborne Toxic Event" from Once Again the Present Becomes the Past on Iron Lung Records

12:26 PM KXSF UW "Rainbow Grocery Cooperative"

12:27 PM Thee Dirty Rats "Bacterial Bop" from Humans Out! on s/r

12:28 PM Gallows Birds "My Lambretta" from My Lambretta b/w Local Girls - Single on Eccentric Pop Records

12:31 PM Danny and the Darleans "You Colonized My Mind" from Be Gay, Do Crime on Girlsville

12:34 PM Os Litles "Maze" from Brazilian Nuggets - BACK FROM THE JUNGLE vol4 LP on Groovie Records

12:37 PM Benny Bennett "Ismaila" from Cha Cha Au Harem - Orientica - France 1960​/​1964 on Born Bad Records

12:40 PM Quintron and Miss Pussycat "Buc​-​ee's Got A Problem" from Goblin Alert on Goner Records

12:48 PM Gee Tee "Mutant World" from Atomic on Goodbye Boozy

12:49 PM Sweet Reaper "Sidewalk Psycho" from Closer Still on Alien Snatch Records

12:51 PM The Zits "Sick On You" from Back In Blackhead on Feel It Records

12:53 PM 14th Wish "I Gotta Get Rid Of You" from I Gotta Get Rid Of You (1980 Archival) on Hozac Records1980

12:59 PM The Owen Guns "The Ballad of Cheeto Hitler" from Violating Community Standards - EP on Riot Records

1:00 PM KXSF UW "Chris Stover Properties"

1:02 PM Kim Salmon "Let's All Get Destroyed" from Let's All Get Destroyed / Unadulterated - Single on In The Red

1:07 PM The Archaeas "TV Scream" from The Archaeas on Goner

1:09 PM Bully "Stuck in Your Head" from SUGAREGG on Sub Pop Records

1:12 PM The Brat "Attitudes" from Straight Outta East L.A. on RockBeat Records

1:14 PM Illegal Visions "Hypocrite" from South Bay Curse (The solo Lo​-​Fi Pandemic sessions ) on s/r

1:15 PM Itchy Kitty "Psycho Killer" from Under the Covers on s/r

1:19 PM Germ House "Nothing Is Like They Wanted" from Spoiled Legacy on s/r

1:27 PM Graveyard of The Pacific "Bruiser" from Radium Girls - Single on s/r

1:30 PM L.A. Machina "Not Another Teenage Head" from Welcome To The Machina on Alternative Tentacles

1:33 PM Billiam "Driving Test" from Cassingle Eight on s/r

1:35 PM Lucy and the Rats "September" from Got Lucky on Dirty Water Records

1:38 PM Lost Cat "Don't Need a Man" from Don't Need a Man - Single on Outro Records

1:43 PM KXSF UW "The Music Store"

1:45 PM Garbage Bags "Bombshell" from Hunting For The Wild on Trash WaxBelgium

1:47 PM Thee Evil Twin "Do Stuff" from 10 Piece Feed on Dirtyflair

1:49 PM Cutters "Chewed up Fortune" from Cutters - Single on Legless Records

1:51 PM Cool Jerks "We Live in Hell" from England on Night versus Day

1:54 PM Tony Dork "Inside Out" from Struggle Street on Legless Records

1:58 PM Black Mekon "The Bottle" from The Lumpiness of Demand on PNKSLM Recordings

2:02 PM Brandy "UFO's To Heaven" from The Gift Of Repetition KXSF on Total Punk

2:05 PM Research Reactor Corp "Big Baby" from The Collected Findings Of The Research Reactor Corporation on Erste Theke Tontraeger

2:07 PM Disco Junk "I Say Shoot (Then You Duck)" from demo on Billiam

2:08 PM Ted Cassidy "The Lurch" from The Lurch-Wesley on Capital

2:11 PM Mal Thursday and the Cheetahs "Get Outta Dallas" from Mal Thursday's Greatest Hits That Missed on Chunk Archives

2:13 PM The Prissteens "Outta Style" from The Hound on Girlsville

2:16 PM The Exbats "You Don't Get It (You Don't Got It)" from Kicks, Hits, And Fits on Budget Tapes & Records

2:19 PM The Beths "Dying to Believe" from Jump Rope Gazers on Carpark Records

2:29 PM All My Friends and Me "Change" from First Time on s/r

2:32 PM All Hits "Kickback" from Men and Their Work on Iron Lung Records

2:35 PM Squirrel Bait "Sun God" from Squirrel Bait - EP on Homestead Records

2:38 PM Damaged Bug "Sunflower" from Bug On Yonkers on Castle Face

2:45 PM Girl Friday "This Is Not The Indie Rock I Signed Up For" from Androgynous Mary on Hardly Art

2:48 PM Beretta76 "Tire Fire" from Blue Sky - EP on Beretta76

2:51 PM The Generics "War is A Waste" from Cost Cutter on Feel it Records

2:53 PM Anthroprophh "Too Old" from Toilet Circuit - Single on Rocket Recordings

2:58 PM The Chosen Few "No Fun on the Beaches" from A Root and a Beer on Au Go Go

What is Carolyn?

Archive of Carolyn's Tuesday KXSF 102.5fm San Francisco Community Radio show. Show airs live noon to 3pm PST every Tuesday.