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Sustainability is the new goal for companies, and the key to achieving it, is ensuring that we can measure ESG activities and more importantly its impact. My guest today is Samantha Duncan, CEO & Co-Founder of London-based Net Purpose who is going to help us understand the world of ESG - what is working and what is not and how she came to find product-market fit in this world.

Show Notes

  • [2:14] What does ESG really mean and where are we today?
  • [10:27] What can startups do for ESG?
  • [13:11] What triggered you to start Net Purpose?
  • [20:11] How do you ensure businesses don’t make false claims about their environmental policies or make token gestures but have very little impact? How much can the data be trusted?
  • [23:47] How did you figure out product-market fit?
  • [33:39] How did you fund your initial journey?
  • [38:06] What’s next for Net Purpose?

Net Purpose

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