Pam Daniels had an idea to make an everyday household item more useful and fun. When her first plan to get her product into the world fell through, she found a different path.

Show Notes

Our previous two episodes, Shape Up and Shape Up Roundtable - 00:37

Welcome Industries website | Twitter | Instagram - 1:16

Pam's bio at Northwestern University - 1:31

Brandon Williams' website - 3:31

Umbra - 3:39

Brandon's original idea for Float | Umbra product page - 3:54

Kickstarter for the cork bag - 5:23

Kickstarter for the photo frame - 5:56

Kickstarter for the measuring cups - 6:52

Most funded Kickstarter campaigns - 7:31

Yanko Design's Instagram - 13:01

International Home + Housewares Show - 13:53

Janler Corporation - 14:41

The cups are made of a plastic called Tritan - 18:58

Crazing is cracking on the surface of an object - 19:07

MoMA Design Store - 22:35

Welcome Industries page to purchase the cups - 23:48

Drink those claws - 27:19

Wailin's explanation of "Hot Girl Summer" is mortifyingly inaccurate, so read this explainer instead - 27:28

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