The Obligatory PSU Podcast

A few minor issues. A couple of miscues. Several handfuls of chocolate chips, and all the Utz chips you can eat for the next 32 years. The full cast reassembles to start playing themselves into game shape with #24 Iowa coming to Happy Valley to face off against #7 Penn State in the White Out. In this, the era of retreads, reboots, and canceled TV shows coming back for a second (or third) bite of the apple, who says Obligatory can't emerge from the shadows of total obscurity and reclaim its rightful station in relative obscurity?

It's our first time back in the saddle after a long sabbatical, so be gentle. If it doesn't get worse from here on out, odds are it may actually get better. #WeAre

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike "The Mailman" Herr, Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani

What is The Obligatory PSU Podcast?

The Obligatory PSU Podcast features wide-ranging discussions of Penn State sports, Nittany Lions football in particular, and all things Penn State and Happy Valley from the cast of The Obligatory PSU Pregame Show: Former Penn State and NFL defensive lineman Brandon Noble (’92-97), campus icon Mike “the Mailman” Herr, Mount Nittany Conservancy Board Secretary Kevin Horne, and seven-time Sam's Club Member Chris Buchignani. Along with a rotating cast of characters from around State College and across Nittany Nation, the guys focus on the stories, issues, and personalities surrounding the Blue and White fan experience.

The Obligatory PSU Podcast delivers fun and insightful commentary on the teams, University, and place that are beloved by many thousands of students, alumni, and fans. There’s no pretense of objectivity or “journalistic” distance here; these guys are here because they care, and their Penn State knowledge and love shine through in every installment. The goal is to touch on a broad variety of topics relating to the Nittany Lions in conversations that are frequently funny and occasionally profound, all while enjoying a few (or more) adult beverages. If you’ve got Penn State in your blood, you’ll enjoy sharing the journey with us.